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The list of certificates of conformity for products of JSC "VOSTSIBMASH"

as of 01/06/2015 

of certificate

Name of products

РОСС RU.АГ98.Н08689


Tube furnace coils by RD 26-02-80-2004

С- RU.АВ28.В.05171

Horizontal cylindrical vessels for LPG of propane and butane by  specification ТУ 3615-044-00220302-2007


Elbow with flanges, component parts of  riffled tubes 100-32-20ХЗМВФ by specification ТУ 3688-055-00220227-2011



- plate towers  by  Р 11490.00.00 ТУ, ОСТ 26 291-94,

- packed towers by Р 11324.00.00 ТУ , ОСТ 26 291-94



Air-cooled heat exchangers by  specification ТУ 3612-001-46693072-2009


Heat exchangers:

- shell and tube heat exchangers with floating head

- exchangers with U-tubes;

- exchangers with vapor space, evaporators;

- tube-and-shell heat exchangers with  temperature condenser on shell;

- special purpose tube-and-shell heat exchangers. Vacuum condensers;

- single-flow exchangers of «pipe-in-pipe» type;

-  many-flow exchangers of «pipe-in-pipe» type;

- Vessels and  welding machines. Refrigerators;

- Steam cooler;

- Air heater;

- Component parts of exchangers ТУ 3612-023-00220302-01, ТУ 3612-013-00220302-99, ТУ 3612-005-00220302-98, 

ТУ 3644-006-00220302-99, ОСТ 26 291-94, ТУ 3612-024-00220302-02, ТУ 3612-007-00220302-99, ТУ 3612-014-00220302-99


Vessels and capacity equipment:

- under-earth horizontal drain vessels by ТУ 3615-023-00220322-2001, ГОСТ Р 52630-2006;

- cylindrical capacitive vessels for gas and liquid media by  ТУ 3615-006-00220322-2004, ГОСТ Р 52630-2006;

- other vessels and capacity equipment Р 9949.00.00 ТУ, ОСТ 26 291-94, ГОСТ Р 52630-2006


Spare parts for complete process lines, installations and units (T-branches, angle pieces, elbows, bleedings-off, reducers, nozzles, twolings, lenses, flanges)

by Р12297 ТУ; ГОСТ 22790-89


Lens compensators (expansion bellows):

 DN 100 - 2400 mm, PN 0,02 - 1,6 MPа

by ТУ 3619-001-46693072-2010


Rotor low-speed breaking machine ДРН-3

по ТУ 3689-001-46693072-2011


Riffled tube 100-32-20Х3МВФ for tube furnace coil

by ТУ 3688-055-00220227-2011

The list of declarations of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union for products of JSC "VOSTSIBMASH" as of 01/06/2015

of declaration

Name of products

ТС RU Д-RU.ММ04.В.01458


Industrial pipeline fittings: true union gate valves, of ВВД type by ТУ 3742-003-00220227-2002

ТС RU Д-RU.ММ04.В.01457


Industrial pipeline fittings: wedge cast gate and welded valves by ТУ 3741-002-46693072-98, ТУ 3741-001-00220227-98

ТС RU Д-RU.АВ.72.В.00900


Vessels and capacity equipment: by 

Р 9949.00.00 ТУ

ТС RU Д-RU.АВ72.В.00565


Pipeline run-down boxes by ТУ 3742-002-46693072-2010


ТС RU Д-RU.АВ72.В.00571


Gas-oil separators, НГС (OGS) models, (I, I-П, II, II-П) type on design pressure (0,6; 1,0; 1,6; 2,5; 4,0; 6,3 MPа) with inside diameter (1200, 1600, 2000, 2400, 3000, 3400 мм) by ТУ 3683-001-46693072-2009

ТС RU Д-RU.АГ03.В.10085


Lifting operations equipment: manual motor winch by ТУ 3173-001-46693072-2013

ТС RU Д-RU.ММ04.В.00718


Riffled tubes 125-32,5-20ХЗМВФ, by ТУ 3688-062-00220227-2013

ТС RU Д-RU.ММ04.В.04012


Hydronic capacitive mesh filters by ТУ Р 10716.00.00

ТС RU Д-RU.ММ04.В.03321

ТС RU Д-RU.АУ04.В.02108


Level bridles by ТУ 3615-001-46693072-2014

RU Д-RU.АВ72.В.02465

Air coolers by ТУ 3612-001-46693072-2009

RU Д-RU.МЮ62.В.01932

Bays for analog machines by ТУ 3612-001-46693072-09

RU Д-RU.АА67.В.00004

Heat exchangers with immovable tube plates and shell and tube ones with temperature condenser on their shell by ТУ 3612-024-00220302-02


The list of certificates of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union for products of JSC"VOSTSIBMASH" as of 01/06/2015

of certificate

Name of products

RU C RU.МЮ62.В.00934

Elements of power-generating equipment: superheater regulator, БК-108099 model, coils bag Ф 38, Ф 42

by ТУ 3119-001-46693070-2014

RU C RU.МЮ62.В.01935

Gas-oil separators, types: I, II, I-П, II-П, DN 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400, 3000, 3400, PN до 6,3 MPа

by ТУ 3693-001-46693072-2009

RU C RU.МЮ62.В.01937

Bays for air coolers, АВГ, АВЗ types by ТУ 3612-001-46693072-2009


List of permits for  technical equipment use, issued by Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision for JSC"VOSTSIBMASH" products, as of 01/06/2015

of permit

Name of product

РРС 00-042741

Heat exchangers:

ТУ 3612-023-00220302-01

ТУ 3612-013-00220302-99

ТУ 3612-014-00220302-99

ТУ 3612-007-00220302-99

ТУ 3612-024-00220302-02

Vessels and capacity equipment:

ТУ 3615-006-00220322-04

ТУ 3615-023-00220322-01

Р 9949.00.00 ТУ

Tray-type towers:

Р 11490.00.00 ТУ

Packed towers:

Р 11324.00.00 ТУ

Hydraulic torches:

Р 5680.00 ТУ

Hydronic capacitive mesh filters:

Р 10716.00.00 ТУ

РРС 00-042957

Steel wedge-gate valves of  ЗКС type

по ТУ 3741-002-46693072-98

РРС 00-042969

Cast wedge-gate valves of 

ЗКЛ type

by ТУ 3741-001-00220227-98

РРС 00-041460

Reefled tubes coils

byТУ 3683-002-46693072-2010

РРС 00-042547

Coupled gate valves of ВВД type

по ТУ 3742-003-00220227-2002

РРС 00-041802

Gas-oil separator

 by ТУ 3683-001-46693072-2009

РРС 00-044122

Lens compensator expansion bellows of КЛ type

по ТУ 3619-001-46693072-2010

РРС 00-046679

Rotor low-speed breaking machines ДРН-3

по      ТУ 3689-001-46693072-2011

РРС 67-000227

Riffled tube set 100-32-20ХЗМВФ

by ТУ 3688-055-00220227-2011

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our factory is one of the first in the Irkutsk region machine building introduced and certified quality management system.

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