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Roll-fed vertical cylindrical vessels:

- with capacity from 100 to 30000 m3 for oil and petroleum products.

Capacitive equipment:

- diameter up to 7000 mm with flat or cone-shaped unbeaded bottoms (for filling or to  pressure of 0.07 MPa);

- diameters up to 4500 mm with elliptical bottoms (pressure up to 16 MPa);

- elliptic bottom heads with diameter up to 1400 mm.


Heat-exchange equipment:

- heat-exchangers, condensers, refrigerators, evaporators (ТН,ТК,ТП,ТУ, КН, КК6, КП,ХН, ХК, ХП, ИН, ИК, ИП, ИУ types) with diameter up to 1400 mm and pressure up to 8 MPa;

 Fractionation and absorption columns

- of any diameter with  flat, hemispheric and elliptical bottoms.

- Types of trays: bubble-cap trays; valve trays; with S-type elements; sieve trays.



Pipe line fittings

- steel screwed wedge gate valves (ЗКС) - PN 16 MPа; DN 15, 20, 25, 40 mm;

- steel flange wedge gate valves (ЗКС-Ф) - PN 6,3 MPа; DN 15, 20, 25, 40 mm;

- shut-off coupled valves (ВВД, ВПД) РN 16 MPа и 4 MPа; DN 6, 15 mm;

We offer to supply moulded wedge gate valves which present at warehouse by on contractual price.

Any assembly units and fittings of high pressure according GOST 22790 - GOST 22826, PN  10 to 100 MPa, DN to 200 mm:

- lens elements, nozzles, branches, elbows, angle pieces, T-branches, handovers,orifices, pockets, flanges, blinds.

- Branches to DN400 and twolines to DN200 stamp-welded, short radius bend and bent pipes for pressure up to 10 MPа.

Wide range of nonstandard equipment.

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