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     JSC “East Siberian Machine Engineering Plant” has powerful manufacturing capabilities, with a full cycle of manufacture of engineering products of almost any technological complexity. The structure of the Plant includes main operations departments and auxiliary departments:

Main departments:

- boiler-welding,

- machine-assembly,

- heat-forging,



Auxiliary departments:

- energy-mechanical,

- maintenance-vehicular,

- central plant laboratory.

We manufacture column vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, capacitive equipment, various steel structures, pipe machinery, spare parts for soil pumps, earth moving machinery and much more. The highest level of product quality ensures strict compliance with the requirements of products for hazardous industries and high professionalism of staff. Design and technological departments have highly qualified specialists who will be able to realize any your plans, designs and drawings into finished products.

JSC "VOSTSIBMASH" is located near the "East-Siberian Railway", has its own access ways, which allow to make a shipment of finished goods by rail and road at any point of Russian Federation and foreign countries.


  Boiler and Welding Department (BWD)
  Machine Assembly department (MAD)
  Casting Department (CD)
  Heat forging Department (HFD)
  Did you know that ...

our factory is one of the first in the Irkutsk region machine building introduced and certified quality management system.

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