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One of the main directions in the activity of JSC "VOSTSIBMASH" is the machining of almost all types of steels, cast irons, non-ferrous metals. Our technological capabilities:

-  All kinds of turning machining.

-  Turning machines: disks to D2000 mm, mufts to D1600 mm, rods D300...500 mm; L=10000 mm. Through-hole treatment D100...220 mm; to L 3100 mm.

- Turning-and-boring machines: disks and mufts to Д6300 мм; with height to H=3600 mm.

- Drilling, spotfacing, hole reaming to D80 mm, L=400...500 mm.

- Boring machining (plain milling, drilling, bore machining). Hole  bore machining to D700 mm, L=1500...1600 mm, box-shaped workpiece machining with dimensions 1500 х 2000 х 4000 mm.

- Cylindric surfaces grinding operation to D700 (without collar), to D400 (in collar) at the maximum grinding length L=5600 mm, detail grinding with dimensions 2000 х 800 х 4000 mm.

- Metric screw-thread rolling to М30 on.

- Gear-milling machining with gear cutting with straight, slope and ring teeth to m=15 (on steel) and to m=20 (on cast-iron). Sprocket teeth cutting to D1500, teeth wormgear cutting to m=20 (on cast-iron), D800...1000

- Gear-shaping teeth machining of bevel gear and pinion to circumferential module, m=10, до D500.

-  Ear generating gear machining with internal gearing to m=12; до D800.

-  Milling machining of different details with dimension 400 х 400 х 1600 mm.

- Cutting with squaring shears of leaf with thickness 34 mm.

- Slicing machining of different details with dimension 2000 х 1400 х 6000 mm.

- Fitter's work (disassembling, repairing, assembly work, various assembly units,

machinery and mechanisms testing).

- Fixed connection assembly work with the use of pressing, running hot, chilling.

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  The possibility of forged and pressed parts manufacturing
  Processing capabilities examples of electrosparking wire-cutting machining
  Processing capabilities examples of electrosparking coordinate piercing machining
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our task - competitiveness and development of production.

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