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  Machine Assembly department (MAD)
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  Metal working equipment installed in the MAD, allows producing details and machine components of any technological complexity. The department has a large fleet of lathe tools, boring machines with CNC, general-purpose metalworking equipment, including lathe tools with an extended bed plate up to 11 meters, vertical boring and turning machine with faceplate 6 meters in diameter, various gear-cutting machines, including cutting circular tooth milling and grinding machines. There is pressure machine with the load up to 100 tons; it allows assembling units of compressor equipment.

MAD manufactures:

- pipe line fittings – stoppers of ЗКС, ЗКС-Ф and ЗКЛ2 types of carbon and stainless steel ; check valves of ВВД type, valves for coking petroleum product.

- soil pumps and spare parts for them as well as wear-resistant cast iron parts;

-spare parts for reciprocating piston compressors;

- Wear-resistant cast iron hydrocyclones;

-steel and cast iron heat-resisting fittings for tube furnaces;

-any assembly units and details of high-pressure pipeline;

- centrifugal-cast tube;

- care and maintenance equipment;

- hydrocutters, bellows, end seals and wide variety of nonstandard equipment;

- carries out repair of boilers, vessels and heat exchange equipment operating at pressures up to 70 MPa; chemical engineering systems and ancillary equipment;

 Technical capabilities of Department allow operating with parts weighing up to 150 tons.


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  Machine Assembly department (MAD)
  Casting Department (CD)
  Heat forging Department (HFD)
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