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  Range of products of casthouse production
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At the moment, we are ready to consider any proposals for the supply of castings weighing from 50 to 3000kg of carbon and alloy steels, and gray cast iron alloy with special properties, copper alloys all casting methods listed below in the above range of products. In the absence of design documentation it’s possible to develop by designers for providing samples as customer samples, and onsite. We have the ability of customer crow-bar processing, thus reducing him the cost of our products.

We hope for effective cooperation.

JSC "VOSTSIBMASH" heat forge department range of products.

 1. Steel casting manufactured  into sand mold

1.1  Cutter heads for earthmovers.

1.2  High-manganese wear-resistant steel bucket teeth for digging machines ЭКГ-5; ЭКГ-8; ЭКГ-12,5;  cutter heads for digging machine ЭШ.

1.3  Castings for lining stainless steel wet autogenous grinding mills:  bumps, loading mufts, lifters, cones, grids, plates.

1.4  Stainless steel whips and beaters for breaking machines.

1.5  Сastings of reductor shells and covers, carbon steel wheel tracks for mucking machines.

1.6  Cast bars of flanges DN250….DN2200; PN6…PN63 of steel 20Л and 12Х18Н9ТЛ GOST977-88 with guaranteed mechanical characteristics.

1.7  Wheel gears, tooth wheels with diameter 100…..2800mm, steel 25Л—35Л ГОСТ 977-88.

1.8  Fire resistant fittings of tube furnaces of petrochemical production, steel 35Х23Н7СЛ ГОСТ977-88.

1.9  Fire resistant fittings of heating and thermal machines, steel 35Х23Н7СЛ ГОСТ977-88, bottom plates, barge boards, guide supports and others.

1.10  Armour plates, globe mill linings, steel 110Г13Л GOST 977-88.

1.11  Coupling elements, half couplings, blocks, rolling elements, cast bars of different carbon steel sheaves.

1.12  Cast bars of poncheons and matrixes steel 25Л  ГОСТ977-88 for hot pressing of bottoms, bleeding-off and others.

1.13  Cast bars of tube plates with diameter 400…1400mm, 12Х18Н9ТЛ, 20Х5МЛ ГОСТ977-88.

1.14  Plates for   carbon steel shop floors of petrochemical and other productions of different dimensions.

1.15  Castings for furnaces of cement productions, steel 35Х23Н7СЛ, 40Х24Н12СЛ: skeeps, glass, bottoms, armour plates.

 2. Iron castings, manufactured into sand mold.

2.1  Wear-resistant iron castings for soil spare parts of pumps.

ГрАТ1800/67,  ГрАТ900/67, ГрАТ1400/40, ГрАТ225/67, Гр600/65,

ГрАТ450/67, ГрА85/40, ГрТ4000/71, ГрУЛ-8.

2.2  Balance-wheels of gate valves ЗКЛ50…ЗКЛ250, blocks, rolling elements, iron СЧ15..СЧ20 cast bars balance-wheels of different dimensions GOST 1412-85.

2.3  Coupling elements, half couplings of different dimensions into sand mold and

into iron mould СЧ15..СЧ20 ГОСТ1412-85.

2.4  Chromous iron ЧХ1, ЧХ2 ГОСТ7769-82 fire resistant fittings ЧХ1, ЧХ2 GOST7769-82: tube, front, convective grids, supports, hangers, latch mechanism of different dimensions and others.

2.5  Preventative windows, doors for petrochemical equipment, initial, pivotal, master  links, for heat-resistant cast iron ЧХ1, ЧХ2 ГОСТ7769-82 HES.

2.6  Grey iron СЧ15-СЧ20 ГОСТ1412-85cross-tip and three-way electro fittings.

2.7  Grey iron СЧ15-СЧ20 ГОСТ1412-85 castings of drain covers shells and covers for connection.

2.8  Grey iron СЧ15 ГОСТ1412-85 large-scale goods: kitchen stoves, fire-doors, heaving, cleanout fireplaces, fire bars, racks for benches and others.

2.9  Grey iron СЧ15 GOST1412-85 plates for   carbon steel shop floors of petrochemical and other productions.

2.10  Grey iron cylindrical work in channel lines and into iron mould with diameter 30mm and more, with height 350mm.

2.11  Grey iron СЧ20 ГОСТ1412-85 fitment for billots manufacturing: casting-forms, pouring boxes, bottom plates  for billots with weight  170…1200kg.

2.12  Grey iron cast sections with diameter 100mm and more with wall thickness 30mm and more. 

3. Nonferrous alloy castings, manufactured into sand mold and iron mould

- Bronze cast sections Бр05Ц5С5, Бр010Ф1 ГОСТ613-79,  

- БрА9ЖЗЛ ГОСТ493-79 bronze 100mm и более,

- with wall thickness 30 mm and more, hight 350mm,  manufactured into casting sand mold and iron mould.

Casting production of JSC "VOSTSIBMASH" is successfully used in mechanical engineering, in mining enterprises in the Far North, the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in many other industries. They are in high demand because of the good performance and dimensional accuracy, thus eliminating the cost of their adjustment during installation. The quality level of our products is supported by careful control at all stages of production, the constant search for new design and technological solutions to improve operational reliability, ensuring communication with our customers for adoption of measures in case of any issues.

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our factory is one of the first in the Irkutsk region machine building introduced and certified quality management system.

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