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  Laboratory and measurement capabilities of the Plant
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Together with main production building a central laboratory was constructed and put into operation. Today, it is the plant laboratory equipped with all the things needed, subsidiaries of which are accredited or attested by all necessary kinds of measurements and tests.

-  X-ray  and ultrasonic non-destructive testing;

-  Mechanical characteristics of weld joints, weld metal and added metal determination;

-  Microslices metallographic examination;

-  Chemical analysis of carbon and low-alloyed steels;

-  Pneumatic and hydraulic tests.

-  Quantitative chemical analysis of carbon and alloyed steels, irons, bronze, brasses.

-  Quantitative spectral rapid analysis of carbon and alloyed steels, irons.

-  Quality spectral analysis of alloyed steels.

- Ultimate stress limit and yield point determination at normal and elevated temperatures.

-  Impact resistance determination at normal and negative temperatures.

-  Determination of hardness.

-  Metallographic examination of material.

- Nondestructive materials, goods testing with radiographic, ultrasound, magnetic, electro induction and capillary methods. In addition, we can say that our production and design capacity allows solving any problems of development and manufacturing of industrial equipment, spare parts and equipment, including the development of technology in almost all areas of industrial activity. The guarantee of competence and quality - the results of our activities and the very existence - as the basic enterprise JSC ANHK reconstruction and development.

  Laboratory and measurement capabilities of the Plant
  Integrated system of management
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our factory is one of the first in the Irkutsk region machine building introduced and certified quality management system.

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