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  Heat forging Department (HFD)
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     Heat forging Department incorporates following kinds of production:

- press forging;

- thermal process;

- art forge work;

Processing equipment of department allows fabricating forming forging, hot stamping, cold carbon, low-carbon, high-carbon and stainless steel as well as titanium metal sheet-metal stamping. The uniqueness is in the present of manipulator and press with force of 400 tons, this makes possible to manufacture forgings weighing up to 1500 kg. The department manufactures stamping elliptical bottom heads with diameter up to 1400 mm, semi-lenses, halves, etc. There are anneal, normalization, heat hardening and abatement of carbon alloy steel products as well as cast bars surface impregnation (nitrogen hardening, case hardening and others) made in thermal site.

Specialists of  HFD organized the art forge method of manufacture which is very popular among consumers. These are balcony and stairs rails, fenders, window gratings, benches, planters, chairs and armchairs, headboards, lamps, gates, fences and many others. The manufacture of these products is carried out as type design and for individual orders.



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  Heat forging Department (HFD)
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