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  The possibility of forged and pressed parts manufacturing
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      - maximum weight 320 кg;

      - solid forging without holes to ±700 mm;

      - rolled rings to D400, Hmax=300 mm;

      - rolled rings to D800, Hmax=260 mm.

Axle trees:

      - maximum weight 2800 кg;

      - length to 4,5 м.

Flash-free stamping of nuts M30...M48

Lens compensators (expansion bellows )PN 0,2 DN 350...1400

      - one and half DN42...DN377;

      - Elliptic bottoms D133...D1400 mm;

      - Double tube elbows DN20...DN190;

      - Cones Dmax=530/377 mm, Dmin=32/18 mm;

Half-washers Dmin=36, Dmax=600 mm

Conveyor worms D136...D600

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  The possibility of forged and pressed parts manufacturing
  Processing capabilities examples of electrosparking wire-cutting machining
  Processing capabilities examples of electrosparking coordinate piercing machining
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