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Our Plant is the first setup of Angarsk Petrochemical Company, then it was dubbed the Plant 16. The Plant was founded in 1948 for audit and repair of the equipment which had been delivered from Germany and was meant to be installed at the plant facilities. At first there was the Wood-working shop built up, now it is the Pattern shop. Facilities were being built up one after the other, time pressed; there were Forging and Thermal, Mechanical Assembly, Boiler & Welding Shops built up. Then iron and steel-casting foundries as well as central laboratory of plant and plant office were appeared. Thus the powerful Machine Engineering Plant was established.

September 5, 1950 the Machine Engineering Plant became a Machinery and Repair Plant by the Order of the USSR Oil Minister N.K. Baibakov. From that date the Plant had begun its history and that day is considered the Plant foundation date. 

At that  time subject matter experts had started to arrive at the Plant from other plants of our country in accordance with distribution plan after graduation.

At the beginning of September the Plant received the first staff schedule and then it was considered an operational plant instead of building one.  

At the beginning of 1955 there was formed a staff of professionals and some production experience was acquired at the plant.

As the years passed by the staff of plant    came  to grow and tempered. The tasks set before the plant  were  getting more complicated  year by  year, new capacities and new shops were  also introduced.   

Machinery and Repair Plant became one of the best repair plants of the Ministry of Oil Industry.   A reasonable impression was gained that you could produce any product at the MRP and there are such professionals that are truly talked of   as gifted hands. The equipment that was talked to be originally made in the USSR often was manufactured at the plant. The Plant delivered its products to more than 700 companies of the USSR as well as to the foreign ones.  The list of products manufactured by the Plant consisted of petrochemical equipment, spare parts, valves, pipeline accessories, steel and iron casting, forgings and household equipment. 

From the beginning of the Perestroika all Ministries were removed, all ties were damaged. That’s why the Plant was beginning to work mostly for the related Angarsk Petrochemical Company.   

During Company’s hard times it was decided to spin off some plants (our Plant among others) from the Company into Open Joint stock Companies. In 1997 it became a subsidiary of OJSC “ANHK”.

In May 2002 our Plant was one of the first machine engineering plants in Irkutsk Region that developed, implemented and certified the Quality Management System.

In June 15, 2006 – OJSC «Angarsk Machinery and Repair Plant» was renamed into OJSC “East Siberian Machine Engineering Plant” (Vostsibmash).

  History of Plant
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our factory is one of the first in the Irkutsk region machine building introduced and certified quality management system.

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