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Design Engineering  

The Department of Chief Structural Engineer is in charge of developing detailed engineering designs at our Plant. The specialists of this department are skilled professionals who can develop detailed engineering designs for many types of petroleum-refining equipment, heat exchangers, vessels, tanks and different nonstandard equipment such as equipment for mining and refining plants (hydrocyclones, mine cars, gunboats, cages, pumps GRAT type made from abrasion-resistant irons and steels).   

All workplaces of design engineers are equipped with personal computers; there is available all needed equipment for processing and copying of documentation.  Engineering process is performed in accordance with GOST R ISO. That means that all customer’s requirements are considered during products design and manufacture stages.  On-site visit of design engineers for equipment installation is practiced for proper technical design assignment development; for customer’s draft sketching.

       The requirements imposed on the design engineers are very strict because they are to designvessels and devices for petrochemical industry answerable to FederalService of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision RTNauthority.

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